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Road Test (Driving Test)

To prepare for the road test, read the Secretary of State's booklet: Driving Skills Test study guide.

A. Eligibility Requirements:

1. Teens - Under 18 years of age:

  • Possess Level 1 License for 180 days
  • Complete Segment 2 driver education course
  • Driven 50 hours, 10 of which are nighttime hours

Bring with you to the Driving Test:

  1. Level 1 License
  2. Segment 2 Driver Education Certificate and driving log (50 hrs.)
  3. Current insurance and registration on vehicle you are driving for the test. Paper copy only, not electronic.
  4. One parent or legal guardian must accompany their teen during the driving test. No additional passengers are permitted in the vehicle (no brothers or sisters).

If a parent/legal guardian is not able to accompany their teen on the road test, they may write and sign a letter granting permission for another adult 21 years of age or older, to accompany their teen on the road test.  The parent/legal guardian must also state in the letter that their teen has completed 50 hours of driving, 10 of which are at night.

2. Adults & International Students - 18 Years of Age or Older

  • Possess Temporary Instructional Permit (TIP) for minimum 30 days; or
  • Possess a TIP that states the 30 days have been waived; or
  • Possess an International License or License from country with a document from the Secretary of State's office that indicates the driver is eligible for taking the road test (known as a .01 receipt).

Adults bring with you to the Road Test:

  • Temporary Instructional Permit (TIP), or International License, or License from home country along with .01 receipt from the Secretary of State
  • Current insurance and registration on vehicle you are driving for the test. Paper copy only, not electronic.

B. Scheduling A Road Test Appointment
Appointments may be scheduled the same day, next day, or anytime thereafter. Call (517) 351-0064 for an appointment. If you get a voicemail recording, leave your name and phone number and Driving Right will return your call as soon as possible (usually same day or next day).

C. Cost for the Road Test:  $55.  Vehicle rental:  $30

Road Test Locations

You can get door to door directions here.

East Lansing:
Road tests are conducted at the Ascension Lutheran Church, 2780 Haslett Rd., East Lansing, 48823. This site is very close to MSU and is on CATA bus route #22. A rental vehicle is available for the road test at an excellent rate.

Road tests are conducted at the All Saints Lutheran Church, 721 W. South St., Mason, MI.

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Driving Right Training School offers road tests to East Lansing, Mason, Bath, Laingsburg, Haslett, Dewitt, Grand Ledge, Williamston, Perry, Holt, Dansville, Stockbridge and their surrounding areas.

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