Driver Education Instructors

Claudia Roder

Whether you are a teen or an adult, learning to drive represents a milestone and one of the most important accomplishments in a person’s life. Obtaining a driver’s license provides independence as well as a convenient and comfortable mode of transportation that is so valuable here in Michigan and throughout the United States. As an instructor and road test examiner, I have the privilege and opportunity to work with teens and adults in this important and exciting time in their life. I, and all the instructors of Driving Right Training School, rise to the challenge of teaching driver education so that it is one of the most valuable and memorable classes an individual will take.

Mike Roder

What’s more satisfying for a teacher than teaching teens who want to learn? Getting to know each driver and using the influence I have to impact his or her driving attitudes and skills is important to me. Meeting and talking with drivers from around the world who need a road test is very interesting; after each road test, I make sure to give feedback to each driver to help them be a safer, more defensive driver on the road.