Adult Drivers Education

Driving Right offers adult driving instruction and the road test for adults 18 years of age and older, including international MSU students and visiting scholars and spouses.

The Road Test

See road test locations for a site nearest you. Our East Lansing road test site is very near the MSU campus. It is conveniently the closest road test site to campus.  Our East Lansing road test site is on CATA Bus route 22, which has a bus stop very close to the road test site. Drive Right provides a rental vehicle for the road test at an excellent rate if needed.

Driving Instruction

The instructors of Driving Right have assisted and instructed thousands of adults, MSU students, MSU international students and visiting scholars for many years.  Instructors of Driving Right help the adult driver learn and develop safe and defensive driving skills, help the driver learn to apply the rules of the road, and prepare the driver for taking the road test. Adults who have taken driving instruction from Driving Right have demonstrated skill and safe driving habits to enable them to pass the road test.

Please refer to the Secretary of State’s website,, which provides helpful information to obtain a Michigan driver’s license and requirements for identification.  A booklet to prepare for taking the written test is What Every Driver Must Know. A booklet to prepare for the taking the road test is the Driving Skills Test Study Guide. Both booklets are available on the Secretary of State’s website.

MSU International Students and Visiting Scholars

The Office for International Students and Scholars will assist you in explaining what you need to fulfill the Secretary of State’s translation requirements. Please refer to the Office for International Students and Scholars’ website at